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Posted on: May 18, 2008

Yesterday I went and saw the movie 21 for my friend’s birthday. It was really good. It is all about this really smart guy who, along with four others, is taught how to count cards, a technique which almost guarentees a win at blackjack.

Another thing: Hoyts now has BANANA FLAVOURED CHOCTOP ICECREAM!!!!

5 Responses to "21"

TWENTY…. oh…. Ok, then. Phew, I thought that said 23 for a moment.

lol – that would be weird.
for those that don’t know, hat has been experiencing a lot of occurrences of the number 23 lately.

For more information about this, see tomorrow’s Four Island blog post.

Goodness, that was fast. And, also, if Smiley is out there, watching, the strangest thing just happened. I hovered over the link to Four Island that Tamasys just commented, and the thumbnail thing popped up, along with some popular keywords on the page. And one of the keywords was “Smiley”

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