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Posted on: June 15, 2008

I had exams last week. They weren’t as bad as expected, but they were still exams.

Who else had exams? I had English, Science, Maths, Chinese, Humanities, and Media. Media was eeeeaaaasssssyyyyy! It actually bordered on fun. And a teacher whose name I will not reveal here lest he be fired (god forbid) but whose name begins with P and rhymes with… Price… wait… no… that is too obvious. How about… rice. Anyway, he came in to watch over us for the second half of the exam, and we talked through the whole thing…

Anyway, that ends my exams for another semester.

3 Responses to "Exams"

….spending *I don’t know how much time* in the Mac Room was bordering on FUN?????? You are not stable. Are you perfectly sane? You need a brain test STAT.

that is what made it even MORE fun! YAY FOR MACS!!!!!

I physically cannot go into that room. I tried to, once, on Open Day because Smiley wanted to look inside, but I just couldn’t enter.

Also….. P-rice? You are really bad at hiding names.

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