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Um, WordPress dislikes REL attributes. Try: Technorati Profile

Yes, I was amazed when I used Google Blog Search for the first time and found not only Four Island, but Color Pencils and Dream Weaver as well!

I’m signing up for an account there right now. Notice how they use reCAPTCHA on the registration form? 8D

yes, i did. that is good. i have fixed the link now.

Oh, I’ve just realized that I already have a Technorati account. Ha, fancy that. Visit it.

Technorati has the funniest Tip on their Upload Photo Page:

Tip: Please do us a favor and upload a photo that does not show your very special but also very private parts. When you do that, we have to take time away from making our website faster and better to go find your profile and hide it, and that’s bad for you and us. Thanks for helping!

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