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Posted on: September 4, 2008

At school, as part of the subject “Be Money Wise”, a couple of my friends and I a team in the Stock Market Game, which is an online game run by the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange). There are one hundred companies represented in the game, and each of their share prices follow the actual real-life prices. You are given a hypothetical $50,000 to invest, and the person or team which makes the most money by trading stocks wins. It is a lot of fun, but we were quite annoyed to find that the one company we invested in as a safe and steady money maker, BHP Billiton, is the only one that lost money. The ones which are not as safe are still making us money. Go figure. Anyway, I hope that wasn’t too boring, but I didn’t have a lot else to talk about, and I am aiming for one blog post every day, but it is more likely to be every second or third day. Oh well, it’s good to be optimistic.

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