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Posted on: November 24, 2008

I have a bunch of blog posts to write, but I am going to (try) to restrict myself to one per day, so for today I chose this one.

I have been reading a lot of metablogs recently, and they have some really good things to say. One of them was that you should always blog, even if you don’t think that what you say is important, because someone, someday, will need to know. This is true, when you think about it. How much time have you spent trawling the backwaters of the internet just to find the answer to one obscure question, hidden in some unknown forum? And how much easier would it have been if it had been in an easy to find blog? I know that it sounds silly, but you really just have to take the plunge and write something – even if you think that you have nothing to write about!

Pick a topic, any topic, and write something. Use ideas from other blogs, talk about something that annoys you, rant and rave about your newest techtoy, but please, just write!

I love reading posts, no matter how pointless or content-free they are, and my heart always does a little happy jump when I see a new post in my RSS reader, and I’m sure many others feel the same way. Your contribution will be appreciated.

In other news (I love that statement…), I also updated the theme for my blog.

Tune in soon for my next post! (Probably not tomorrow as I have exams…)

3 Responses to "Metablogging"

Can’t find the Wikiverse. Which couch is it behind? Not the Mink one is it? always the mink (Drone on obscurely about fish prices in Bagdad)always kipper…anyways, can you bring it back? I miss writing nonsense. It’s so fulfilling

Ahh. My site moved to http://tamasys.endoftheinternet.org/ (if you go to the vndv homepage it will now redirect to my new site). So, the Wikiverse is now located at http://tamasys.endoftheinternet.org/wikiverse, but it is down at the moment so you can’t access it anyway…
I’ll post when I get it back up.

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