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I Was Sleepy

Posted on: December 8, 2008

I was in bed the other night, when I thought to myself, “The Lair needs a new name.” This was at about 11:30pm, so I was very, very tired. I thought, “I know what a good name would be! ‘Ingots in a Sandwich’!” I then proceded to remind myself that I was very tired and that I would see how dumb the name was in the morning. At least I got that part right…
Anyway, that was my blog post for today.

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4 Responses to "I Was Sleepy"

ZOMG LOL. Please tell me you’re kidding, you didn’t actually think that, right? 🙂 That is too funny.

This has to do a lot with my whole “let’s change something big about Four Island on a whim” thing that is annoying.

I know. It was really strange, knowing that it was dumb but not understanding why… I even had the theory behind it worked out – the ingots are the good stuff on the site, and the sandwich is the filler around them… I really was tired, wasn’t I…

[…] Changes Hatkirby question Add Comment » Yes, this is a reference to TimTam’s I Was Sleepy. It made me think. How may of us blog people like to make random, drastic changes to their websites […]

😀 That would hav been an awesome, but embarrassing name. Imagine telling your parents that: “My website is… *drumroll* Ingots in a Sandwich!”

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