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Bluemonkey’s Party!

Posted on: December 13, 2008

I have just come back from Bluemonkey’s party, which was lots of fun, and I am writing this now in the hope of beating everyone else to it. I will post a link in the morning, as I can’t be bothered waiting for Safari (I am writing this on my iPod) to load the page…

EDIT (1 year and 5 days later…): I never posted the pingback! Here it is: http://bluem937.wordpress.com/2008/12/13/party-type-thing-and-general-post-filling/.


2 Responses to "Bluemonkey’s Party!"

[…] Tamasys took line honours with the first post, followed later by Ozzyfrog’s post, which went into a bit more depth. Caiphas and […]

(Ozzyfrog) ooo, that was fast. Even I couldn’t post faster than you. It was a good party though.

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