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I’m Baaaaaack…

Posted on: December 18, 2008

Hi Everyone!
If you read my blog regularly, you will know that I just went on a short, three day holiday to Halls Gap in the Grampians. It was heaps of fun.
We stayed in a pyramid while we were there – yes, a pyramid. Grampians Getaway Resort has units shaped like pyramids, which were really nice and comfortable. Lots of fun.
We walked up the Boronia Peak and Pinnacle trails, which were exhausting but worth it by the time you reached the top. The Pinnacle is a jutting out bit of rock which sticks out from a cliff at the top of a mountain, which according to various websites is 686m high. I guess that is above sea level, because I was most definitely not half a kilometer off the ground. It is, however, very, very high (I would say about 100m drop off the side…), and some insane people were WALKING ALONG THE EDGE OFF THE CLIFF!!!! One guy was standing on the sloping edge of the cliff – all it would have taken was a slight breeze… SPLAT.
Anyway, it was heaps of fun, and I now have 46 RSS feed posts to wade through…
Now, I think that I will write one or two more posts tonight, so be prepared.

4 Responses to "I’m Baaaaaack…"

And what percentage of said RSS items are from Four Island? šŸ™‚

I’m glad you’re back. Now we can be more random.

(Ozzyfrog)Sounded like fun. I haven’t been to the Grampians for roughly 3.2 million years, I really should go back for a bit.

[…] About a year ago, I posted about how I had to wade through 43 RSS posts. WEAK. I currently have over 1000 in the backlog. My God, people write a lot… […]

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