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Empty Room

Posted on: November 30, 2009

Where is all that dust coming from? Oh, yes, that’s right… the forgotten place that is my blog.

I would say that I have been busy, but that isn’t entirely true. While there has been a lot to do, there has also been enough free time for me to… oh, I don’t know… write a book! Actually, that is something I have been putting off as well

I had exams last two weeks ago, so that is a legitimate reason. However, I have not had exams the whole year, so that excuse goes flying out the window.

I have had quite a bit of homework over the year, but, as I said, not enough to stop me playing video games, watching murder mysteries, reading books, tipping cows, and going to air shows.

Hmm… I really don’t have any excuse to not have blogged. Look at ozzyfrog! He has written heaps! Oh well, I am writing one now, so I suppose all is forgiven.

I had a really interesting post in mind when I started writing this… six hours ago. This is the extent of my procrastination. Oh dear. I will really have to work on that…

I think that I will write another post when I remember what it was I was writing about. For now, goodnight.

1 Response to "Empty Room"

Before I start screaming in happiness that your blog may have possibly been revived, I would like to nitpick that the correct Starfall URL would be http://fourisland.com/fourm/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=167 because, as I said before, the FourFiction story will be deleted when I finish the TGS Website. And then The Fourm topic will be incorrect too, but it won’t be deleted and will point visitors in the right direction…. *bla* *bla* *bla* *bla*

YAY YOU POSTED OMG CATS MEOW MEOW OMG YOU POSTED *eats a cheese block* YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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