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Hi! I’m Tamasys – if you see that on the web, it is probably me. I live in Australia, and love (almost) all things computer.

I run the Lair of Tamasys (link below), which is the home of the Wikiverse, a fictional universe that can be edited by anyone. If you have an interest in writing, science, wikis, web development, drawing, or anything else that could benefit a growing site and universe, please sign up!

The Wikiverse died due to a terrible webhost, but we are currently in the process of recovering it :). If you want to help out, please comment!

Me on the web:

3 Responses to "About"

Nice blog, I like the layout. And by the way, I appreciate the advertising you are constantly giving me, thank you for that.

You may want to update the link to this blog on your GooglePages. It currently still points to the s********3 one.

Very very nice blog, Tamasys. The layout is very nice and effective.

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