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I have just come back from Bluemonkey’s party, which was lots of fun, and I am writing this now in the hope of beating everyone else to it. I will post a link in the morning, as I can’t be bothered waiting for Safari (I am writing this on my iPod) to load the page…

EDIT (1 year and 5 days later…): I never posted the pingback! Here it is: http://bluem937.wordpress.com/2008/12/13/party-type-thing-and-general-post-filling/.


Posted on: May 18, 2008

Yesterday I went and saw the movie 21 for my friend’s birthday. It was really good. It is all about this really smart guy who, along with four others, is taught how to count cards, a technique which almost guarentees a win at blackjack.

Another thing: Hoyts now has BANANA FLAVOURED CHOCTOP ICECREAM!!!!

I went to see Lars and the Real Girl with my friend on Sunday. It was good. The ads made it out to be one of those typically American films, with slapstick and constant cheap laughing, but it was actualy a lot more of a thinking movie, an I realy enjoyed it. It was the kind of movie I can imagine English teachers salivating over.

I also got my traditional choc-top icecream. How can anyone go the the movies and not have a choctop icecream? Incedently, my friend brought two litres of icecream to school today. It looks good.

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