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It’s been an interesting week in TV. Today Tonight brought us the shocking revelation that gambling causes you to lose money, Kevin Rudd got angry at Kerry O’Brien for asking him questions on The 7:30 Report, and Masterchef came second in the ratings for the first time since dinosaurs roamed the earth.
My favourite TV show of the week would have been Doctor Who. I love that show so much. I even managed to reluctantly drag myself away from my homework to rewatch the episode Blink. Unfortunately, some of my friends don’t feel the same way about TV as I do. They don’t like Masterchef or Doctor Who, and instead watch silly shows like Gossip Girl. Shocking, I know. All my favourite shows get clumped together on Sunday night, which is nice. Masterchef, Doctor Who, Bones, House MD. Pity my homework doesn’t get organised like that. Never mind.
This post is rapidly speeding away from me in what appears to be a rocket powered vehicle, so I think I should stop writing. I would like to try and write another post tomorrow. We’ll see how I go. You get zero apologies if I don’t post, however. I’m nice like that :).

Just a quick post to say happy birthday to me! I get my presents tonight, because I have exams today, so I will post what I got tomorrow.

At school, as part of the subject “Be Money Wise”, a couple of my friends and I a team in the Stock Market Game, which is an online game run by the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange). There are one hundred companies represented in the game, and each of their share prices follow the actual real-life prices. You are given a hypothetical $50,000 to invest, and the person or team which makes the most money by trading stocks wins. It is a lot of fun, but we were quite annoyed to find that the one company we invested in as a safe and steady money maker, BHP Billiton, is the only one that lost money. The ones which are not as safe are still making us money. Go figure. Anyway, I hope that wasn’t too boring, but I didn’t have a lot else to talk about, and I am aiming for one blog post every day, but it is more likely to be every second or third day. Oh well, it’s good to be optimistic.

Sorry that I didn’t post over the school holidays (or at least I apologise to those one or two people who actually read this…). I was having too much fun. I was also working on my website. Check it out here.

Anyway, this school term I have some new classes and teachers. I think that it will be even better than last semester. I am doing Be Money Wise (horrible name, I know) which is economics and personal finance and a whole bunch of stuff, which would be really boring if it weren’t for our absolutely awesome teacher, Ms Tyndall, who is so awesomely awesome that the class is my favourite.

There are also some not so good teachers, who I don’t really like, but I won’t bother talking about them.

I will update when I remember, which is hopefully soon.

YES! It is finally the holidays! This is very good coz there is no school, but bad because Starla is leaving our school, and, come to think of it, the country, to go back to the US. At least she can’t poke me from there. She had a strange habit of doing that… so do Smiley, Gryphic, JAL, Pyro, and anyone else i have missed…

For more info, see here.


Posted on: June 15, 2008

I had exams last week. They weren’t as bad as expected, but they were still exams.

Who else had exams? I had English, Science, Maths, Chinese, Humanities, and Media. Media was eeeeaaaasssssyyyyy! It actually bordered on fun. And a teacher whose name I will not reveal here lest he be fired (god forbid) but whose name begins with P and rhymes with… Price… wait… no… that is too obvious. How about… rice. Anyway, he came in to watch over us for the second half of the exam, and we talked through the whole thing…

Anyway, that ends my exams for another semester.


Posted on: April 12, 2008

I got back from my five day school camp canoeing down the Murray River yesterday. The first thing that I did (after saying hello to everyone) was spend two hours in the bath. I have never been so happy to be clean! I am trying to get used to not shouting or talking over everyone else, because while I was on camp I had nine others to compete with, so it was hard to be heard.

The camp was lots of fun, but also lots of hard work, and don’t even get me started on the lack of toilets… Anyway, I had a lot of fun, although whether I would do it again is debatable. The food was good – there was more stuff on the camp than in our fridge! On the last night, we made Milomisu (my-lo-mis-oo), a kind of Tiramisu made with Milo┬«. It was soo good.

I am finally home, though, and now I don’t know what to do with myself, which is why I am writing this.

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