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It’s been an interesting week in TV. Today Tonight brought us the shocking revelation that gambling causes you to lose money, Kevin Rudd got angry at Kerry O’Brien for asking him questions on The 7:30 Report, and Masterchef came second in the ratings for the first time since dinosaurs roamed the earth.
My favourite TV show of the week would have been Doctor Who. I love that show so much. I even managed to reluctantly drag myself away from my homework to rewatch the episode Blink. Unfortunately, some of my friends don’t feel the same way about TV as I do. They don’t like Masterchef or Doctor Who, and instead watch silly shows like Gossip Girl. Shocking, I know. All my favourite shows get clumped together on Sunday night, which is nice. Masterchef, Doctor Who, Bones, House MD. Pity my homework doesn’t get organised like that. Never mind.
This post is rapidly speeding away from me in what appears to be a rocket powered vehicle, so I think I should stop writing. I would like to try and write another post tomorrow. We’ll see how I go. You get zero apologies if I don’t post, however. I’m nice like that :).

The over the Melbourne Cup Day long weekend I went and saw two shows of the the Halloween Classic by Impro Melbourne, and they were… I can’t say how good they were. Friggin fantastic. Bloody brilliant. Absolutely <spaz attack>. Right. Anyway… They were so good. For those that are unfortunate to not already know, Impro Melbourne are a troupe of improvisors who put on shows which are entirely made up. That’s right, it is all made up on the spot. They act, sing, dance, and even become the props and sets in their productions. They are the kind of thing you would expect of a well rehearsed, scripted play, but it is all made up from suggestions from the audience! I would recommend their shows to anyone and everyone. There website can be viewed here.

In other news, I have recently updated the Wikiverse mainpage, and I think that it looks quite good. Check it out and see what you think! Please?

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