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I saw a post on Four Island called Of Books and Memes, and, being the meme loving person I am, felt compelled to read it (not that this is unusual with 4I posts…).

It talked about a meme, the rules of which are thus:

  1. Grab the nearest book.
  2. Open it to page 56.
  3. Find the fifth sentence.
  4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
  5. Don’t pick your favourite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

I got these results:

“When a reporter from The Times went to investigate ‘the group’, he found that Arthur was under constant attack from his wife, a veteran feminist who is bigger than he is, owns the house, supports Arthur financially and makes him do all the housework.”
The Return of Heroic Failures by Stephen Pile



Well, not really, but this is about as close as you will get…

I made these because I was bored, I had free time, and the lack of full screen support on Firefox for Mac annoyed me. While this is less than perfect (I know I shouldn’t admit this, as I wrote the code) it is good if you are desperate to hide those annoying toolbars and pesky buttons. All that will show are the address bar and the status bar. Unfortunately, it still shows the menu bar and dock, but I can’t do much about that…

javascript:window.open(prompt("Please enter a web address","http://"),"myWindow","status=1,fullscreen=1,resizable=1");

This piece of code will allow you to type in a web address (the “http://” is important) to open in a (semi-)full screen window. To use it, just create a new bookmark with this code as the location.


This piece of code will reload the current page in a (again, semi-)full screen window. Just copy it into a new bookmark.

Again, I must stress that this is a very poor imitation (if you can even call it that…) of full screeniness, but it is about as good as you will get on Firefox for Mac… for now. Hopefully they will fix this problem in future updates, but I hear that it is fairly low on their priorities list.

Hello again!
I just downloaded the WordPress program to my iPod, and I’m using it right now to write this post 😀
It is a really nice program, and fits in well with the iPod theme. The only problem that I have is that it doesn’t support screen rotation, so I have to use the silly vertical qwerty keyboard instead of the nice landscape one. Oh well.

Yes, that’s right. I have an iPod Touch, and I love it. I got it for my birthday yesterday, but I had my last two exams today, so I couldn’t set it up until this afternoon. I have finally got it all sync’d and ready, and it is set up on my Wi-Fi network (after much troubleshooting, only to discover I forgot to save the settings that I changed on the router to make it work…).

I really love it. It is soo nice to use, and looks really cool. I am probably going to jailbreak it, but that will wait for another day. I am still ‘getting to know’ my pretty new Apple techtoy. I love that word, techtoy. I don’t think that it is a real word, but I use it, so it’s real in my world…

Anyway, I had better go to bed before my parents realise that I am still up… I still haven’t written all those things I wanted to post… I will try tomorrow…

Until then, I bid you adieu.

Just a quick post to say happy birthday to me! I get my presents tonight, because I have exams today, so I will post what I got tomorrow.

I have a bunch of blog posts to write, but I am going to (try) to restrict myself to one per day, so for today I chose this one.

I have been reading a lot of metablogs recently, and they have some really good things to say. One of them was that you should always blog, even if you don’t think that what you say is important, because someone, someday, will need to know. This is true, when you think about it. How much time have you spent trawling the backwaters of the internet just to find the answer to one obscure question, hidden in some unknown forum? And how much easier would it have been if it had been in an easy to find blog? I know that it sounds silly, but you really just have to take the plunge and write something – even if you think that you have nothing to write about!

Pick a topic, any topic, and write something. Use ideas from other blogs, talk about something that annoys you, rant and rave about your newest techtoy, but please, just write!

I love reading posts, no matter how pointless or content-free they are, and my heart always does a little happy jump when I see a new post in my RSS reader, and I’m sure many others feel the same way. Your contribution will be appreciated.

In other news (I love that statement…), I also updated the theme for my blog.

Tune in soon for my next post! (Probably not tomorrow as I have exams…)

The over the Melbourne Cup Day long weekend I went and saw two shows of the the Halloween Classic by Impro Melbourne, and they were… I can’t say how good they were. Friggin fantastic. Bloody brilliant. Absolutely <spaz attack>. Right. Anyway… They were so good. For those that are unfortunate to not already know, Impro Melbourne are a troupe of improvisors who put on shows which are entirely made up. That’s right, it is all made up on the spot. They act, sing, dance, and even become the props and sets in their productions. They are the kind of thing you would expect of a well rehearsed, scripted play, but it is all made up from suggestions from the audience! I would recommend their shows to anyone and everyone. There website can be viewed here.

In other news, I have recently updated the Wikiverse mainpage, and I think that it looks quite good. Check it out and see what you think! Please?

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