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A certain friend of mine, (Ozzyfrog, to be precise) recently posted on his blog with a piece about his views on rock climbing. I am going to say, right now, that he is wrong. Rock climbing is a wonderful activity. While I agree that it in not something that I would do as a sport, I love indoor rock climbing. Outdoor is good too, but requires long trips to get to rock faces and is much harder. It is lots of fun, and you get a real sense of achievement when you get to the top.

As Ozzyfrog said, "mmm..."

As Ozzyfrog said,"mmm..."

When you get down, you just want to go straight up again. The only other thing that would be nice would be a nice cool glass of lemonade at the bottom (picture shamelessly stolen from Ozzyfrog).
He is very wrong about the safety features, too. For starters, someone would have to work pretty hard to sneeze for a long enough time for someone to fall to their death. Also, the way that the pulley system is set up means that even if they are not holding the rope, you don’t fall fast enough to get killed, or in most cases do any major damage at all. Another thing: what is Ozzy talking about when he talks about the 50 and 100 metre falls? That is the hight of some of the buildings in the CBD! At the rock climbing place I go to, the roof is 16 metres from the floor, and the rock walls are 10-15 metres.
I must end my post here, as I have to take the dogs for a walk, but for those reading, you know how right I am.



Posted on: June 22, 2008

Oooh! This is an idea started by Hatkirby. Somebody posts… well, a post, and then another person writes a post on the same topic, and posts a pingback to the original post. Then another person will see the original post, and follow the pingback to the next post in the deblatog, which they will read and then post something following up the other post, and pingback that post, but not the original one, and so ad infinitum. If you didn’t understand that, read the post I will link to below.

Anyway, it is a very cool idea, and I am putting it to good use. YAY!

OH!! Almost forgot to actually add the pingback to the other post. Here is is.

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