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I recently made a post on setting up my old LEGEND laptop (which, I will reiterate, is CRAP) with Linux and using it to practice PHP, etc. I am now installing Ubuntu Server on it, so I hope that it works. I spent hours last night trying to find out how to change the BIOS settings to boot from CD before the hard drive, and finaly worked out that I was just pressing the wrong button. Oh dear – the computer just spat about 10 error messages at me telling my that some files are corrupted. I guess I will have to re-burn the disk… I will update this as soon as I can.

In the absence of a website to waste my time on (it is down at the moment) I have decided to set my old LEGEND laptop (which is not much good for anything other than fire kindling or house foundations) up with Kubuntu, Apache, and various other things to let me practice web development without having to wait an hour to upload things to my remote server (vndv, which is part of Zymic). It is altogether possible (quite likely, in fact) that this will not happen due to my forgetfulness and extreme procrastination skills (guess what I’m supposed to be doing right now? Homework, of course.)

Fingers crossed that this happens, because then I can learn how to switch my site from HTML to PHP.

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