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I haven’t posted for AGES!!!

This is because I have had school, the play, and about 300 other things.

OK. For those that haven’t read my previous posts (at least I think I mentioned it in another post…) I am part of a group called Track Youth Theatre, and for the past week we have been performing PIRATES!, a play about a group of orphans who find a treasure map, and set out to find the treasure, which they need to save their orphanage from closure. They are tricked by pirates, and so are made to walk the plank. A local fisherman saves them and takes them to the island, where they race against the pirates to get the treasure.

I had the lead role as Arthur, the orphan leader. It was lots of fun, and the performances all went well. The after-party was fun as well 😀

More information on the group here.

My website, tamasys.vndv.com, has been experiencing server trouble recently, which is very frustrating. I hope that it will be fixed soon, so that I can move this blog over there.


Posted on: May 18, 2008

I am soo happy!!! I got the lead role in my play!

I have been part of the Track Youth Theatre group for a whole bunch of years, and last year I got a minor lead, and now I have THE lead! The only… worrying part is that, as a romantic lead, I am required to kiss someone. Or rather, as the script states, ‘be kissed’. I am trying not to think about it.

This year’s play looks fun. It is called ‘Pirates’, and is about a bunch of orphans trying to prevent their orphanage’s closure by following a treasure map. They are hindered by – you guessed it – PIRATES!

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