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I am never shopping in Myer ever again. Ever.

Last night, Dad, my brother and I went Christmas shopping. My brother and I were going to get a book for Dad, and so we left dad to read magazines and went into Target, fully expecting them to sell it. After 10 minutes of looking, we gave up and walked over to Kmart. We had even less luck there – we couldn’t find any books. So, after half an hour of fruitless walking and searching, we gave up and went to check out Borders, the expensive but amazing book store.

We had a quick scout around the store, but couldn’t see the book we wanted anywhere. Never mind, we thought. It should just be a simple matter of consulting the catalogue. How naive we were. The computer helpfully tells us that there are 222 copies of the book we want in the Crime section. Fantastic! Off we go to the Crime section. I’m not sure that there were 222 books in the entire Crime section, let alone copies of the book we wanted. There wasn’t a single one.

We tried to ask an assistant where we might procure what was fast becoming an almost mythical item. We walk over to the counter, to be faced with a queue of almost forty people. Hmm, that won’t work, we thought. Time to try another tactic. There must be some people stacking the shelves, with the amount of people buying books. Ahah! We walk over to her, just in time to see her disappear behind a stack of books with a whooshing sound. By the time we walked around the stack, she was far into the distance.

We called Mum to say that we couldn’t find the book, and she suggested Myer. Apparently she had seen the book in a catalogue. So, we grabbed Dad and started walking down the central corridor. We continued to walk, when suddenly… we kept walking. Several astronomical units later, and we were at Myer. Dad had a look at the various stalls always set up around Chadstone, while we walked into Myer.

At the entrance we met our first challenge: a maze of perfume bottles, powder puffs, and free samples. The tables were deliberately set up to prevent you moving through quickly. Unfortunately for both us and them, we weren’t particularly interested in purchasing the latest shade of eye shadow with extra chlorophyll and the newest skin cream with oil of polar bear. We raced between the tables, surprising many a rich customer. It took us about five minutes to wind our way to the other side of the room, where the escalators were located. There was a tiny sign indicating that the books were on the first floor, so up we went. There was just one sign in front of us, so we debated for a while whether books would be in “Kitchen” to the left or “Manchester” to the right. We picked kitchen. After doing a full loop of the escalator area, we got almost back to where we started before finding the books, hidden behind a railing. Sneaky.

After wandering between the bookshelves for a while, wondering why the labelling system started with “Author A-Z”, moved onto “Crime”, then returned to “Author A-Z”. After much searching, we found the book we wanted. The last copy, tucked away behind another stack of books. Unfortunately there was no price on it, so we had to go find out for ourselves. There seems to be a specific counter for every single part of the shop in Myer, except for the book section. We headed over to the nearest one, and the lady asked us “Is it just the book you’re getting?” I said yes, and asked how much it would cost and if it came in paperback. She told us that we would have to go over to the books counter. Apparently we could purchase the book at DVDs, but not find the price. Never mind. We headed in the direction she pointed over to a counter labelled “Lay-by and MYERone Enquiries”. Apparently that’s where you buy books. Well, if the rest of the store is anything to go by, the owners of Myer probably find that quite logical.

We waited behind a guy enquiring about pens, which seem to be the responsibility of the lay-by/MYERone/books salesperson. He took forever. Finally we got to speak to the saleswoman.

“How much will this be?” I asked.

“Let me have a look for you” she said, scanning it in. It was the first sensible thing I had seen for almost an hour.

It was cheaper than I expected because it was on sale, which was great. I payed, and my brother and I headed towards the escalators. Thwarted – there was a table in the way, piled high with crockery. Okay, back through the kitchen department, the Manchester department, and the DVD department, just to get to the escalators located right next to the books. It took us a good ten minutes to get out of the place, and I swear that the doors moved.

When we got out, we first had to remember how to breathe after being again forced to walk through the perfume department. We then headed out, after an hour of searching, with our prized book. I was happy we got it, but if I have to go into Myers to get another present then I’m sorry, but I’ll just go without.

Yes, that’s right. I have an iPod Touch, and I love it. I got it for my birthday yesterday, but I had my last two exams today, so I couldn’t set it up until this afternoon. I have finally got it all sync’d and ready, and it is set up on my Wi-Fi network (after much troubleshooting, only to discover I forgot to save the settings that I changed on the router to make it work…).

I really love it. It is soo nice to use, and looks really cool. I am probably going to jailbreak it, but that will wait for another day. I am still ‘getting to know’ my pretty new Apple techtoy. I love that word, techtoy. I don’t think that it is a real word, but I use it, so it’s real in my world…

Anyway, I had better go to bed before my parents realise that I am still up… I still haven’t written all those things I wanted to post… I will try tomorrow…

Until then, I bid you adieu.

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