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It’s been an interesting week in TV. Today Tonight brought us the shocking revelation that gambling causes you to lose money, Kevin Rudd got angry at Kerry O’Brien for asking him questions on The 7:30 Report, and Masterchef came second in the ratings for the first time since dinosaurs roamed the earth.
My favourite TV show of the week would have been Doctor Who. I love that show so much. I even managed to reluctantly drag myself away from my homework to rewatch the episode Blink. Unfortunately, some of my friends don’t feel the same way about TV as I do. They don’t like Masterchef or Doctor Who, and instead watch silly shows like Gossip Girl. Shocking, I know. All my favourite shows get clumped together on Sunday night, which is nice. Masterchef, Doctor Who, Bones, House MD. Pity my homework doesn’t get organised like that. Never mind.
This post is rapidly speeding away from me in what appears to be a rocket powered vehicle, so I think I should stop writing. I would like to try and write another post tomorrow. We’ll see how I go. You get zero apologies if I don’t post, however. I’m nice like that :).

This is mostly a filler post so my blog doesn’t shrivel up and die.
Anyway, I was just looking at my blog, and noticed that

  • About a year ago, I posted about how I had to wade through 43 RSS posts. WEAK. I currently have over 1000 in the backlog. My God, people write a lot…
  • The current top search for my blog is “who is gizmolio”, which I find odd…
  • I have posted a total of twice this year (thrice, now), which is very naughty of me. I blame school – really, I do. There is far too much to do in VCE, and not enough pointless thinking time. That’s the problem…

Well, I am working on another blog post, so I hope that you will forgive me for being a very bad blogger. Au revoir.

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Just a quick post to say happy birthday to me! I get my presents tonight, because I have exams today, so I will post what I got tomorrow.

Sorry that I didn’t post over the school holidays (or at least I apologise to those one or two people who actually read this…). I was having too much fun. I was also working on my website. Check it out here.

Anyway, this school term I have some new classes and teachers. I think that it will be even better than last semester. I am doing Be Money Wise (horrible name, I know) which is economics and personal finance and a whole bunch of stuff, which would be really boring if it weren’t for our absolutely awesome teacher, Ms Tyndall, who is so awesomely awesome that the class is my favourite.

There are also some not so good teachers, who I don’t really like, but I won’t bother talking about them.

I will update when I remember, which is hopefully soon.

YES! It is finally the holidays! This is very good coz there is no school, but bad because Starla is leaving our school, and, come to think of it, the country, to go back to the US. At least she can’t poke me from there. She had a strange habit of doing that… so do Smiley, Gryphic, JAL, Pyro, and anyone else i have missed…

For more info, see here.

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