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Hi There!

I know that I don’t usually start my posts with a greeting, but there you go.

Anyway, I am thinking about and planning a new project for the Lair, which will be very exciting. I can’t wait.

If anyone has experience with PHP, MySQL, and web design, I would love to hear from you! I know a bit, but not masses, so it would be great to work on this with someone.

For now, the project is a secret, but if you read the homepage of the Lair recently you will know what it is…

Anyway, I’m off to continue posting on the Fourm.

P.S. The Any Key has a new comic out, Click.

At first I loved it. Then I put up with it. Then I hated it. Now I am trying to ditch it.

It started off fine. I spent a good hour or two scouring the internet for the best possible free host, and stumbled upon Zymic. They had heaps of storage and bandwidth, MySQL, PHP, and other language support, FTP access, massive support forums, and heaps more. Sounds great, doesn’t it? WRONG! While they had heaps of great features – all for free – about two weeks after I set up my site on their vndv server it began to experience slowdowns and crashes.

The first one was blamed on a power outage, but soon they began experiencing the dreaded… Read-Only Bug! For some reason, the hard disks of the servers kept putting themselves into a read-only state, so the FTP didn’t work and neither did any server side scripts, such as PHP, which runs almost all of my site.

Every time this happened, they had to take the server down for up to six hours to do a full disk check. This resulted in a lot of downtime, as I’m sure you can imagine. This happened more and more, until they finally decided to upgrade their servers. This was all supposed to happen over the course of three days, but it got put off for a week. Then another week. Then nothing for a month. After two months, they finally got around to it, and halfway through the transfer the company who ran the new server got sued by Microsoft for distributing scareware, resulting in the transfer being cancelled.

I have finally given up. I surrender. Or, rather, I retreat. I am setting up my own server as we speak, and I will host my site from that. Anything is better than what I have now. I hope this works…

On a lighter note, here is one of the coolest animals EVER:

It is a blobfish, or more specifically a Psychrolutes marcidus. It looks really cool, don’t you think?

I recently made a post on setting up my old LEGEND laptop (which, I will reiterate, is CRAP) with Linux and using it to practice PHP, etc. I am now installing Ubuntu Server on it, so I hope that it works. I spent hours last night trying to find out how to change the BIOS settings to boot from CD before the hard drive, and finaly worked out that I was just pressing the wrong button. Oh dear – the computer just spat about 10 error messages at me telling my that some files are corrupted. I guess I will have to re-burn the disk… I will update this as soon as I can.

Google has released a wonderful new web browser called Chrome. Chrome is very easy to use, has everything you need, but not more, is open source, supports plug-ins, and lets tabs operate independently from each other, which is great when a tab crashes because the rest of the browser can keep running.

The only problem at the moment is that it has compatibility issues with Symantec Endpoint Security (like almost everything else I own). Symantec crashes all tabs, resulting in an “Aw, Snap” error and a sad tab icon. This is very annoying, as I love Chrome but can’t use it.

I hope that they find a fix soon, so that I can resume my usage of this lovely program. I love you Google…

My Blog

Posted on: April 12, 2008

I now not only have a web page, but a blog too! Yay for me!

The only purpose of this post is as a starting post, so here it is. I expect that I will post about four more today, just because I can.

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